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EPCOS Power Capacitors: Global presence

The industry segments covered by EPCOS power type capacitors are; Consumer/Appliance, Lighting, Industrial, Automotive, Renewable energy, Traction and Power distribution. The applications include Blocking & Coupling, Filtering, Timing, Smoothing, Energy Storage & Discharge and RFI/EMI Suppression. The Power Electronics and AC application of Film Capacitors include DC Link, Energy Storage, Motor Start & Run, and Power Factor Correction. The EPCOS PFC offering also includes Contactors, Controllers, Reactors and Thyristors for Dynamic Power Factor Correction. The “lytic’ type capacitors with robust characteristics offer excellent solutions for SMPS and linear power suppliers, UPS systems, and motor drives.

EPCOS offers their customers both standard capacitive components as well as application-specific solutions.


Little Details. Big Quality
Actuators.Housings.Contacts.Details. Quality lives in little things. You can feel it in the flip of a switch. Or in the assured tone of a familiar voice. At E-Switch, we take tiny details very seriously. Beacause ultimately, it's the small things that determince the success of your big future.


At KEMET, our components are passive. Our company is anything but.

The development of Power semiconductors has led to an ever-increasing use of power electronics. Many of these applications are based on the usage of capacitors specially designed to withstand the electric and thermal stresses required. KEMET offers a wide range of capacitors for power electronics that are suitable to being used in applications like forced commutation, damping, clamping, snubbering, A.C. and D.C. filtering, and power factor correction. KEMET capacitors for power electronics operate with high values of RMS and Peak currents. For particular requirements or custom designed products KEMET has a design staff to serve your needs.

You simply won’t find an electronic components manufacturer more passionate about capacitors and service than KEMET, The Capacitance Company.


Since our very inception, KOA Speer Electronics has been supplying resistive type products used to control and monitor a wide variety of industrial products and systems. We continue to focus on this market. KOA Speer’s PSx, PV, PN, PWW and PAP series of High Voltage Power Resistors are designed to withstand the high voltage and high power consumption within a wide resistance range of 500 ohms to approximately 6 Giga Ohms. We offer power ratings from 2 watts to 200 watts, withstanding impulse voltages up to 400KV.

KOA Corporation strives to be a world leader in the technology and operational systems of manufacturing.

Note—all products not neccesarily displayed on Website. Please email sales if you require assistance.

Micropac offers a wide portfolio of solid state power controllers (SSPCs) for switching up to 60A in industrial, medical, military and space applications. Some devices include radiation tolerant provisions suited for radiation environments commonly encountered by spacecraft or in medical radiation treatment equipment. A separate class of products, industrial power controllers (IPCs), is specifically designed for hi-reliability industrial applications. Many products are rated for operation from -55°C to +125°C


RCD Components Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high power resistors. Our family of T, EW, FW, FWE, and SR series of resistors offer greatly increased power ratings, up to 25% more than the typical wattage found in similar package sizes. These high power resistors are designed to meet heavy-duty requirements with power ratings from 75 watt to 2000 watts. This makes them especially suited for a diverse range of applications which include power supplies, load testing, power switching circuits, power distribution, high power medical instrumentation, data transmission systems and renewable energy systems. RCD offers resistors with power ratings up to 2000-watts, resistance range from 0.1 ohm to 200 ohms and working voltages from 15KV to 300KV.

RCD is acknowledged throughout the electronic components industry for its service and engineering excellence.


TDK is your source for electronic solutions. Meeting your needs anywhere around the world with our global network of sales, engineering and R&D. Our solutions range from capacitors, inductors and ferrites to power supplies, factory automation systems and anechoic chambers.